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The Power Of Our Words

Language is the only thing that sets us apart from other species on the planet. We use it to speak to each other and to communicate with ourselves. We tend to see ourselves in a certain way. When we wake … Continue reading

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Re-Parenting Your Childhood

Most of us have unmet needs and insecurities. When we were kids, whether or not we had loving parents, we had needs that were not met. Whether our parents were either too busy or we were part of a big … Continue reading

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Do Expectations Control Our Happiness?

When our emotions fluctuate throughout the day, it is often as a result of a circumstance not meeting our expectation. For example, think of the last time you were well prepared and on time, waiting for a friend/co-worker, but they … Continue reading

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Thought Stopping Techniques for Obsessive Thoughts

Next time you have an obsessive thought, try these “Thought Stopping” techniques. Picture your negative thought as being a few feet away from you. Next, imagine a stop sign popping up directly in front of you, blocking you from those … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Your Mindset

In the winter, we all slow down and hibernate. We tend to procrastinate, hide out at home, and even stay in situations or relationships that are not working for us. With the first day of spring fast approaching, we all … Continue reading

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