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Do Expectations Control Our Happiness?

When our emotions fluctuate throughout the day, it is often as a result of a circumstance not meeting our expectation. For example, think of the last time you were well prepared and on time, waiting for a friend/co-worker, but they … Continue reading

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Coping with Back to School Stressors

The time has come – school! No matter how exciting those back to school banners are trying to make September sound, you are having difficulty buying into it. In your mind, September is full of anticipation, pressure, high expectations and … Continue reading

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Look Into the Mirror

Relationship experts often say, “If you want to change your relationship, change yourself first”. How many times a day do you find yourself complaining (either openly or in your head) about your partner? How often do you wish he or … Continue reading

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Everything Has Got to Go!

Summer is officially here! … and you may have noticed the clearance sales … banners yelling “Everything has got to go.” What about the aspects of yourself that you are now ready to change? Maybe you need a clearance of … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Chronic Pain

I counsel many clients who live with chronic pain, which remains a mystery for many. Overcoming chronic pain, as explained by Elliot Krane in this amazing video, requires a multidisciplinary approach, including psychotherapy, medication, and occupational therapy. Nicole

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Thought Stopping Techniques for Obsessive Thoughts

Next time you have an obsessive thought, try these “Thought Stopping” techniques. Picture your negative thought as being a few feet away from you. Next, imagine a stop sign popping up directly in front of you, blocking you from those … Continue reading

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Mental Health Initiatives in Canada

In recent months, there has been so much support for mental health in Canada, an area of our well-being that has largely been ignored in the past. With Bell Media’s 10 million dollar donation to CAMH announced just a few … Continue reading

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I love this video. Our breakdowns in life can truly lead to breakthroughs. “If you have never failed, you have never lived.”

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What is Therapy Like?

Many people are afraid to take that first step toward getting the help they need, simply because they fear what that first step may be like. Will I be judged? What will the therapist be like? Will I feel better … Continue reading

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Healing Yourself and Your Partner Using the Imago Process

Imago therapy is so groundbreaking because it is a completely new way of looking about yourself, your partner and the forces that have brought you together. It teaches you how to listen, and how to finally be heard. The Imago … Continue reading

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