Things To Keep In Mind When You Move In Together

widow-1148929_1920Moving in together is a significant step in your relationship. It is definitely an exciting time for you both. You will learn a lot more about each other, some good and some bad. Here are things to keep in mind when moving in together.

  1. Make quality time for each other. When you move in it’s possible that your routines may clash leaving little time together. It’s important to make your partner a priority. This may look like waiting an hour longer before eating so you can eat together or one partner going to the gym before work instead of afterwards. The important difference here is you’re making quality time together as opposed to just passing each other in between your routines.
  2. Take time to be alone. This is just as important as making quality time together. Taking time for yourself is very important as a way to reboot your system. It allows you time to think through things and clear your mind. Different people need a different amount of alone time so be sure to check in with yourself and communicate this to your partner.
  3. Communication is key. Communication is always a really important part of any relationship. Once you move in together it’s more important than ever to communicate your needs and frustrations. This includes how clean you like to keep things, how late it’s okay to be making loud noise and what eating and sleeping habits you keep. If you aren’t communicating these things but just expect your partner to do them you are setting yourself up for future resentment.
  4. Have realistic expectations. Moving in and sharing your space can be a difficult transition. In the beginning it will take some time to adjust. This is normal. It’s likely you will find yourself arguing over little things. During these moments be sure to keep this in mind. It takes time but soon you will both find your rhythm. Also remember that arguing in a relationship is perfectly normal, what matters is how you argue.

Moving in together is a big step for any relationship. It’s an exciting time where you get to know even more about this person you love so much. There will be some frustrating parts in learning each others preferences and routine but with good communication this can be the start of a great adventure!holding-hands-1149411_1920

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  1. debbie walker says:

    Hello Nicole: do you suggest living with a potential partner before marriage?

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