Embracing Pregnancy

pregnant-775036_1920When a woman first hears she is pregnant there are a so many different things to think about. There are so many things that can scare you such as financial fears, the pressure on the relationship, sleep deprivation, as well as the feeling that your life is no longer yours. It’s important to not read all the pregnancy books available explaining all the scary things that could potentially happen which can just intensify your worry and make pregnancy stressful. Instead of focusing on all the fears and the potential negatives try to see it as an adventure.

Life can feel mundane, at times, with the same old thing happening everyday. When you’re pregnant, every week your body will go through more changes and every week this little baby is growing. This is a whole new ride for you and your partner, so why not take a step back and just enjoy the roller coaster. This could be the most amazing phase of your life as your body is literally creating a human being.

This process can actually make you more connected to your body as you have cheap xanax buy online no prescription another soul growing inside you. Instead of being afraid of the weight gain and the labour, try embracing the little magical moments along the way. Take time out of your day to observe the changes, slow down, b-r-e-a-t-h-e deep and connect to your body because in 9 months this phase will  be over.

Try connecting with your partner as much as you can. Read the book “Your Pregnancy Week by Week”. Instead of scaring you this book offers insight on the size of your baby, when your belly will start to show and other fun changes. You can also journal about how you are feeling, how your body is changing and the excitement you have awaiting your first reunion with your newborn. Also try meditating and relaxing as much as possible.

Connect with other new moms who are just as excited as you. Surround yourself with the people who are also embracing this beautiful stage of life. This adventure starts with quieting the “what if” voice in your mind and enjoying the many little moments until your bundle of joy arrives.


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