6 Things To Do Instead of Social Media

flower-731300_1920So many of us are guilty of spending our downtime by mindlessly scrolling Instagram or other social media websites. There are, of course, endless posts that you can browse and so many things to see online. While this can be an easy way to pass the time, it’s not always conducive to happiness. Instead of wasting time on Facebook or Twitter, try one of these 6 things instead.

  1. Take a walk outside. Get out into the brisk fresh air. Breathe it in, feel your feet on the ground. Notice nature around you. If it’s not around you, go find it. Leave your phone at home. You will be unreachable for an hour, and you will love it.
  2. Pick up the phone and call a friend. Call someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Life can be so busy and most of the time we’re tired. Instead of spending downtime by sitting on Facebook, which can often leave you feeling more tired, connect with someone who uplifts you. The fulfillment you get from connecting with a good friend will leave you feeling more energized than you were.
  3. Run a bubble bath. Provide yourself with a candle lit oasis. Use epsom salts, dim the lights and play some soul soothing music. Turn your phone off and bask in the stillness of it all. Ponder life and focus on what makes you happy and what you could change to be happier. This can also be a great best xanax comparison time to do a facemask or a conditioning treatment to your hair. Nourish you.
  4. Do your nails. Play your favorite music, turn off your computer and phone. Invest in yourself for a few moments by painting your nails. You’ll feel great afterwards.
  5. Clean areas that haven’t been clean in a while. Go into your storage closet or garage and throw out everything that you don’t need or use anymore. You can do this with your junk drawers too. There’s really something to be said for purging the old and doing those things you always procrastinate doing.
  6. Write down your to-do list for the week. Rather than numb yourself on Facebook, take a look at your upcoming week. Schedule everything you have to do in your phone calendar. Then take a look at the free time you’ll have and see if you can make it to a yoga class or a zumba class. The idea is to schedule in activities that will make you happy.

Often when we’re bored or have some free time the easiest thing to do is sit on Instragram to kill time. Some may even be guilty of spending hours sitting on social media. Notice the way you feel after spending time on Facebook and then notice how much better you feel after trying out one of these suggestions. You will feel more fulfilled and have more energy.urban-438393_1920

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