Do you put off your happiness?

mother-429158_1920Everyone has that one thing that they are working towards which they think will make them happy. This could be something like buying a new house or a new car or a promotion. It’s interesting because what we do to achieve this goal is often actually draining us of our happiness until we get there. We spend hours and hours working and doing all we can to reach this goal and say to yourself “I will only work this hard until I can afford that house or car or get that promotion”. What’s interesting is once you get that material object it’s never what you think it would be.

The problem with material goals is that the happiness that comes with it wears off because as a human you will habituate to the new car or new house. And once you put all those hours in to get that bigger house you will never be able to get all those years back. You’ll never be able to nurture your relationships or your soul but you’ll have that bigger house.

The truth is that most of us know deep down what would make us happier immediately and it’s probably something along the lines of working less, enjoying more time with loved ones and experiencing new things. This is a really hard decision to make but if you do decide to stop working overtime, you will feel immediate happiness and freedom.

Here is something to keep in mind when making this type of decision. Everyday people everywhere worry that they will never be successful and that they won’t be able to afford what they want or experience what they want. Always remember that the millionaires in the world, the people who are considered “ highly successful” are just as worried that they will lose it all. This means they are just as worried to lose it, as you are worried to never get

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  1. deb says:

    I would like my life back and if not to start over. The changes I would make would be very different. The saying if only i knew then what I know now is so true.
    Never settle and never ever let others run your life, this is selfish on their part and they are living their lives through you. Never depend on others to make you Happy and if you are not Happy take a look at the reasons why and make changes asap even if the decisions are difficult. Change is never easy but you will eventually benefit and who knows you just might be Happy with the decision and changes.

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