7 Things Successful People Do Before 8:00am

sunset-691848_1920Our habits are largely related to our success in life. There are several habits that successful people have that unsuccessful people don’t. In fact only a small1% of the population owns half of the world’s wealth. There are certain habits that people with such success have, such as:

  1. They get up early. They get up before everyone else is awake. Even if you were to wake up 1 hour early each day that’s an extra 5 hours you earn at the end of the workweek. In order to wake up early successful people go to bed early as well to be sure they get 8 hours of sleep a night.
  2. They drink hot lemon water. The very first thing you should do in the morning to set yourself up for a great day is take half a lemon in hot water and drink it, chug it if you can. Hot lemon water alkalines your body and cleanses your liver. Do this before you eat or drink or do anything else.
  3. They work out. A successful person will workout first thing in the morning. By getting it out of the way they know that their work life or social life won’t interfere with their workout plans. The workout usually involves cardio, weightlifting or yoga.
  4. They meditate 10 minutes a day. Lie down on your bed and find a 10-minute calming instrumental song. Try inhaling for 4 counts and exhaling for four. If you cannot meditate try deep breathing with no interruptions for 10 minutes. And remember, all this is done before 8:00am.
  5. They eat breakfast. They eat a breakfast jam packed with vitamins. Usually it’s something quick like a smoothie with protein, berries, kale and even omega 3 oil, which fuels the brain.
  6. They do the thing they hate first. They start with the task they like the least and they do it before 8:00am. This is the task they know they will procrastinate doing. They are committed to getting it off their to-do list right away. So they can spend the day focusing on the things they love to do.
  7. They focus on what they are grateful for. During their morning routine they think of all the things they are grateful for and make it specific to the day. Try being grateful for the sun being out, there’s no traffic today, you get to work from home. By practicing gratitude first thing in the morning their brains are primed for the day and they are more inclined to notice the positive things for the rest of the day.

Our thoughts and habits have a huge impact on our mood and our success. The best way to change your habits for the better is to do so in small steps. If you try to start doing all these things at once it is likely you may get discouraged. Instead try to add one of these habits at a time to your daily routine.running-573762_1280

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  1. Focusing on what I am grateful for has been the most life changing experience ever and something I continue to embrace in my day to day life.

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