Creative ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you have children

valentines-day-1182247_1920When you have children it can be really tough to make time for one another. Life gets in the way and most of your time is spent taking care of the kids. As a result, your relationship begins to starve for love, romance and passion. I suggest using this Valentine’s Day to rekindle your connection with one another. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Prepare for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to think about what you will do for Valentine’s Day a couple days or even weeks before the big day. Try to think of something meaningful you can do for your significant other. Maybe make a collage or a nice picture in a special frame. Be sure to make it meaningful rather than material.
  2. Ask for help. Ask a friend or family member to come over and watch the kids even if it’s just for 2 hours. When you’re out together try to focus on things going on in your life instead of talking about your children. Try talking about how your day was or how you’ve been feeling. It’s hard to keep in touch and know what’s happening in your partner’s life all the time, so be sure to take advantage of this time to reconnect.
  3. Make it a priority to connect with your partner. Hire a babysitter, turn off your phone and spend some quality undivided attention with your special someone. It doesn’t have to cost a thing. It could be breakfast and Netflix in bed followed by a walk in the park chatting and catching up.
  4. It’s not all about the woman. Remember to focus on your husband: Get him something really special or create a really meaningful experience. Go to your favourite restaurant, when you get home put the kids down and connect again and cuddle or make love. Try to do something that is really meaningful for him: Write a love letter, get him a meaningful card, or do something creative that he’ll love.
  5. Re-create a past date for an extra special day. One date idea I love is to re-create your first date. Go to the same restaurant, sit at the same table (if possible), even wear what you wore on your first date if you still have it. Do all the same things you did on your first date. By revisiting this day you will be reminded why you fell in love in the first place.

Valentine’s Day can be hectic enough as it is. When you have children it can be even more difficult to make time for each other. This Valentine’s Day plan in advance and make the day as special as you can. It’s an excuse to reconnect and rebuild closeness in your love life, you will be glad that you took the time to invest in this very important relationship.


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