3 Tips on Weight Loss from a Psychologist

granville-50423_1280The biggest complaint most people have about themselves is their body. It’s a common issue that several people face and can cause a lot of stress if you are trying to lose weight but just cannot seem to.

Here are 3 things you can try to release the extra pounds.

  1. Shift your mind from the craving: The most common time people crave junk food is after dinner at the end of a long day. You’re stressed out and want the instant comfort that junk food gives. Instead of giving in to the cravings try to focus on your stomach and notice if you are actually hungry or not. Most of the time it is likely you will find that you are not. Every time the thought to eat something comes, again focus on your stomach and the feeling of not being hungry. Eventually you can train yourself to listen to hunger and not cravings when reaching for the fridge.
  1. Soothe yourself: Most of the time when you’re craving unhealthy food it’s actually the comfort and pleasure you are seeking. You’re not actually hungry but want the immediate satisfaction of a sweet or salty treat. What you can do instead of giving in is try to find comfort elsewhere. Buy yourself a super fluffy blanket and watch your all time favourite movie, or have a warm lavender bubble bath. Taking a nice walk is also a good way to soothe yourself while getting active.
  1. Push through your craving: Surprisingly experts say that cravings only last 3 to 5 minutes so try your best to breathe through these few minutes and soon you will be free of the pull to eat those cookies. People also often crave food by association; one of the best examples of this is craving chips or sweets while watching TV. So next time you are watching your favourite show and find yourself walking to the kitchen try distracting for just 5 minutes. Try to clean your house or check your email or go for a walk until your craving subsides. Then sit back down and watch TV. If your craving does come back try to have a cup of tea instead or a bowl of fresh fruit.girl-690614_1280
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