Infertility and the type A personality

Women who have a type A personality are waiting longer than ever before to have children, as they are often career and success-driven. These woman are driven, determined and motivated and have put their careers first most of their lives. Unfortunately, this often means these women are in their 30s or even 40s before they start trying to have kids and their fertility levels have dropped drastically.

The type A woman is used to getting what she wants out of life. She is used to determining a goal and doing all she can to achieve it in as little time as possible. Essentially she is used to going from point A to point B in the faster manner possible.

For these type A personalities, not being able to conceive goes against everything they are used to. The unfortunate thing about making a baby, is that it can only happen once a month. Having to wait a whole other month before trying again can drive an inpatient buy cheap xanax with no prescription women crazy. What I notice in my private practice is that because women are so stressed about not conceiving their body has even more trouble being able to conceive. To top it off, there is also a lot of shame around infertility, it can feel like failure. Particularly to someone who doesn’t like to fail and can be a bit perfectionistic.

Baby making is about letting go of control. You’re so used to having a problem and going to the doctor and having an immediate or at least short term fix but baby making is about letting go of the fear and control and just letting it happen. Trust the process.

This may not be the way you are used to getting what you want but breathe deep and know you will get there. Do what you can: Go to a fertility clinic, take prenatal vitamins, visualize yourself as a mom and just relax and have sex be fun!

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