Fall in love with fall

Rain boots in fall


The changing of seasons brings the opportunity to reflect on your life as it is, and what you want your life to look like over the coming months. Fall is a really good time to slow down, be mindful of nature and reflect on any lessons learned in the summer. Before you know it, the beauty of fall will be gone. So this year, make a conscious effort to treasure the season.

What would making the most out of this very short and beautiful season mean for you? Take a moment to think about that – and all the things you can do to make that happen.

You could go for a hike in the forest with a group of friends or leave the city for a weekend up north. Start by making a list of things to do in nature over the next four to six weeks that will help you fall in love with this extraordinary season.

As the leaves fall to the ground and nature prepares to die, reflect on what you need to release in your life. It could be a friendship, a romantic relationship, an anxiety or resentment towards someone (or yourself). Identify what those things are, and then make a commitment not to bring them with you this season. A really helpful thing to do as a part of this commitment is to tell someone what you want to let go of. There is power in expressing what you want out loud, and a supportive friend can help hold you accountable to that!



Sadly, fall often brings with it a lot of dread about the coming winter for those in Canada. The cold, dark months ahead and the stress of the always fast-approaching holiday season often robs us of enjoying the beauty of fall. Life can feel so fast, so try to get out in nature and slow your mind down enough to relish in the wonderment of the transition from summer to winter.

Practice mindfulness in nature by breathing in the scent of the trees and the crisp air. See the vivid colours, hear the sound of the leaves rustling and the wind blowing, smell and taste the rich spices in the food you eat. Simply being mindful of your surroundings can help you to notice everything happening around you.


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