At what price?

at what costThere are several couples I see here in Toronto who often tell me that they want to get divorced but they cannot afford it. They have more than 1 child and would need to pay for an apartment with at least 2 or even 3 bedrooms that is near a good school and in a good neighbourhood.

Other clients that I see are stuck doing a job that they hate. Going to work everyday makes them feel hopeless. Everyday they tell themselves they will leave and do something better but always find a reason to stay.

Are you in a situation where you are miserable and unhappy and increasingly pessimistic but afraid of the discomfort of leaving? If you are in this predicament think about this: At what price are you staying in a situation you hate? Yes you’ll keep a job and won’t risk not finding another or having to budget more. Or you’ll stay in a loveless marriage because you’re used to it and you can stay in the bigger cheap xanax online no prescription house rather than moving to a smaller one you could afford on your own. But what is it costing you in terms of quality of life?

At this moment you feel miserable, unhappy and negative, you might even be having problems sleeping. Eventually this could also affect your health: A lot of my clients have stomach problems, panic attacks and immune system issues after staying in negative circumstances for far too long.

I highly suggest sitting down, grabbing a pen and paper, and really reflecting on your life and your circumstances. Get to the bottom of the cost and the negative impact of staying. Yes it will be uncomfortable but to motivate yourself try to remember the cost of staying and how it is impacting you in all these negative ways. Have the courage to take baby steps towards a life that you crave. Most often my clients tell me that they are surprised by how resilient they actually are.

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