Calming tips before your wedding day

wedding champagneIt’s funny how we wait our whole lives for our wedding day and when it finally comes we find ourselves overwhelmed by nerves and anxiety. We become so attached to our special day looking a certain way and going perfectly.

To reduce your anxiety on your special day, try changing your perspective. Let’s take a look at your wedding day in a different way. This is a day where you wake up and have your best girlfriends visit (bridesmaids) from all different cities. You all get your hair and makeup done, get all dolled up together and hang out in a nice hotel room. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? When you remove the pressure that you place on yourself for everything to go a certain way, you will feel less overwhelmed and be able to breathe in this once in a lifetime experience and enjoy.

It gets even better! You get to put on a princess dress and gorgeous heels and get to walk into a room where the love of your life is waiting for you. You get to declare your love for this person you adore in front of all the people who mean so much to you.

Finally you get your own private photo shoot with a professional photographer! You, your bestest friends and most importantly the love of your life, get to be stars for the day while looking your best. After that you indulge in the most exquisite food and dance the night away arm in arm with the man you love. It’s a night all about you. A night you deserve to relish in and enjoy.

So breathe deep and try your best to focus on all the goodness of your special day. It is one day and then it is over, so take it all pic

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