3 things to do the week of your wedding



Most people envision the week of their wedding as a really happy time, but feeling stressed out about the big day can overtake some of the excitement. To let go of stress and enjoy the experience, take the days before your wedding to do these three things:

1. Remember why you’re having a wedding.

Why did you decide to have a wedding? Did you make this decision to declare your commitment to your partner and celebrate with your loved ones? Your underlying desire for having a wedding is the thing you want to remember if you’re feeling anxious.

With all the time and detail that goes into planning a wedding, you can end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed over the wrong things. But if you remind yourself why you want this and why you made this decision, you can more fully enjoy the lead up to this special day.

2. Set your intention.

Now that you’ve reminded yourself why you’re having a wedding, think about what you want the experience to be like.

How do you want to feel as you walk down the aisle? When you exchange vows? How do you want to feel with your partner at your side, surrounded by all your loved ones? When the people you love stand up to give a speech?

Weddings buy xanax in us involve a long list of things to do and details to take care of, so it’s normal to feel stressed about how everything will turn out. But if you set the intention to feel the way you want to feel at your wedding ahead of time, you will be more connected to the experience itself and less consumed with all of the stuff that can cloud that experience.

3. Be excited and have fun!

When else in your life will the people you love show up all together, for you? Your loved ones will be intermixed with your partner’s loved ones in celebration of you and your future together, and it’s so important to remember how exceptional this is and make the most of it.



To stay present and enjoy this experience, do things that will ground you. You can try bringing awareness to your breathing every morning, practicing yoga every day leading up to the wedding or giving yourself the gift of self-care.

Doing things that ground will help you be more present and better able to enjoy those moments where you observe your experience from a place of love. Your presence in every moment will help you see how supported, lucky and blessed you are.

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