Accept reality

Take a moment to think about whether you accept your partner as they are right now, including the parts of them that you don’t like. Exploring your feelings towards your partner – both your love for them and any uncertainty – is crucial if you’re considering a future with this person.

In my therapy sessions with clients, a lot of women have shared with me that they expected their relationship to change as a result of getting married, and even having a baby. The perception that marriage and children can create a better relationship is problematic because it often results in overcompensating.

For example, some couples will choose to get engaged, buy a bigger home or have a baby because they see it as a means to feel more fulfilled in their relationship. I see this with people who expect that somehow, their life will become more blissful as a result of getting married or having a baby. But the truth is, this is not true, and making drastic changes like this usually makes things much more stressful! So before you overcompensate as a means to an end, really think about your alprazolam no prescription decision.

Another thing to think about before overcompensating is whether there are any red flags. People are usually stable with their personality traits, although these traits can change with the help of therapy and a commitment to want to change. But if you’re uncertain about your partner’s traits, explore that. And remember that if you are hesitant to commit to your partner as they are right now, that’s a red flag.

If you’re thinking about having a future with your partner, don’t make any commitments based on their potential. Focus on the here and now – that will guide you and show you what you can expect out of a future with this person. If you can’t see a future with your partner as they are right now, and if you can’t accept certain parts of them, you want to seriously think about your future and whether it’s best for you to commit to anything.

People will always show parts of them that you don’t like. With this in mind, you have to think about what you can accept and what you can’t accept if you’re considering a lifetime with them.

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