Live Life Like It’s The Weekend

People live differently when it’s the weekend. Our bodies are calmer and our mind is more at peace. On weekends we are able to relax and enjoy life more easily. Sadly when the workweek starts, things change and our bodies and minds begin to tense up. We’re constantly counting down the time until we’re “free” from our workplace for just a few days. This can become a vicious cycle. There are some people who seem to be able to channel this calm spiritedness every day. They seem to be in the flow and not much is able to affect their high spirits. In order to get stress levels down, it’s vital to cultivate that more easy-going attitude. Here are a few tips that might help you live more like it’s the weekend.

Sometimes it can be as simple as listening to an upbeat song in order to create an atmosphere of ease and fun. See if you can play music in your office or use some earphones. On your lunch break are you able to physically leave your office? Going on a walk on a break is a great way to ease your mind and calm your body.

The key thing is to notice the world around you even if you are only outside for a few minutes. Make sure that you are breathing deeply and pay attention to the surrounding nature. Try to observe the colour of the trees, and the sounds of the birds. Take note of the progression from spring to summer outside. You can also do this if you have a window in your office.

Another thing you can do if you can’t get outside is practice breathing. An easy trick is to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a count of 5. Repeat this for a few minutes at a time just once or twice a day. Hopefully getting into the habit of practicing your breathing could help decrease your stress levels.

Also remember to switch things up once in a while. Maybe take a walk in the morning before work instead of afterwards. You could even wake up really early one day to watch the sunrise.

If possible, you could invest in a bluetooth and plan to call family members and old friends during your commute home. Also try to make plans for your evenings so you have something to look forward to at the end of the day. By using these tips, hopefully you can learn to enjoy all the moments instead of waiting for the weekend.

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