Chasing happiness

We as a culture emphasize happiness, self-improvement and personal growth. This can be really empowering, but the downside is that a lot of us misinterpret happiness and personal growth as something that we need to chase by pushing and driving ourselves.

Consider this: What if happiness wasn’t something that you constantly seek and chase? What if you already have all the answers and know what you need to feel content in your life?

Pushing ourselves to be better so that we can produce something and get somewhere can feed a part of us that feels not good enough. And busying ourselves with things to accomplish – with the expectation that we’ll only get the happiness we want once we reach the goal – actually holds us back from recognizing the simple things in life that make us feel good.

The capacity to be happy and feel good is something that you already have within you. To access that capacity, you just need to let go, surrender and quiet the mind. Calming the mind releases the pressure of the chase and allows us to connect with ourselves.

The next time you catch yourself feeling like you always have to do something, buy xanax overnight delivery produce something and get somewhere before you can be happy, try instead to breathe, feel your feet on the ground, and observe the now. Happiness can only be right now anyway.

There are a lot of us that know what makes us happy. Although we know the things that we love, we don’t always give them to ourselves. We are really good at putting off happiness to get somewhere and be happy later. But you already know what makes you happy – so just do more of that!

If you push yourself at work to stay late, over achieve and over produce all the time, try to let go of some of that. This will clear some space for you to do more of what you love.

Happiness is fleeting. It will never always be your current state. We can’t always control the negative things in life that cause us to feel unhappy and stressed, but we can slow down and embrace the moments when we’re doing something we love. So stop chasing and seeking. Happiness is inside of you, you just have to do the simple things you love and relish in these moments.

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