Creating balance in your life

Can you think of anyone you know who lives a balanced life? A lot of us think that balance is something that exists somewhere out there. We think we can’t have it because of the hours we work, our daily commute, responsibilities and personal circumstances. However, you can learn to live in balance by checking in with yourself and bringing some awareness to the things you’re already doing that have you feel refreshed and nurtured.

Start creating balance in your life by asking yourself what balance is to you. Is it sleeping in? Or waking up early in the morning to fit in a 6 a.m. yoga class? Is it working at a fast pace with short breaks every few hours, or is it working at a slower, steady pace?

And most importantly, what makes you feel rested, fulfilled and content? What do you do that makes you feel rejuvenated and alive? When you feel these things regularly, you have balance in your life.

I’m learning to do head stands in yoga, and there was a time when I never thought I could do it. I feared that I would hurt myself, but then there was a little whisper inside of me that wanted me to try. I listened to that whisper, and now I do head stands all the time! There is something about literally flipping my perspective upside down that is calming for me. I’m still a little unstable, but I know that what’s holding me back is that I fear falling and getting hurt, even though I’ve already come so far and improved so much. This experience taught me two things that you can learn from as you try to create balance in your buy alprazolam usa life.

1. We have two voices that make up our inner chatter. One is a calming, supportive voice, and one is an intrusive voice that invokes fear. We can always choose to forego fear and trust in the supportive voice that pushes us forward.

2. Practicing trust helps you release fear. The more you trust in the calming and supportive inner you, the more fear will calm and your intrusive voice will quiet. With continued practice, the trusting voice will become more present, and will eventually evolve into your new lifestyle – a life that is more balanced and free.

After you finish reading this blog, ask yourself what you would do if you didn’t have fear. Think about an area in your life that you complain about the most. The one that your friends ask you about and you fall into repeating the same old story because you’re afraid to do anything different. If you didn’t listen to that fearful voice, how would your circumstances be different? Would you leave your job or ask for that promotion? Would you have that difficult conversation with your partner? Would you divorce the friend who puts you down?

We all want more balance and to feel good, but when it comes to making changes we’re afraid to take the risks to have a more balanced and fulfilling life. Becoming aware of the inner chatter that continues to stop you is the first step towards your life being different. So breathe through the fear and act anyway. It will all work out in the end – it always does. Remind yourself how strong you are and what you have overcome in the past; this will fuel you.

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