Why Caitlyn Jenner’s courage is a call to you

Photo by Annie Leibovitz intouchweekly.com

Photo by Annie Leibovitz intouchweekly.com

Most of you know that Caitlyn Jenner – the former Bruce Jenner, Olympian and reality TV star on Keeping Up With the Kardashians – opened up to the world that she identifies as a woman and has recently had the courage to complete a gender transition.

Whether or not you follow reality TV or celebrity news, I’d like you to think about your reaction when you heard about Caitlyn Jenner. How did you react? We usually have a reaction to human interest stories like this because the human experience part of these stories resonates with us in some way.

I’m asking you to think about how you reacted because I want you to do some reflecting on whether you hide parts of yourself that you feel ashamed of. These parts of you could be your past. Did something happened in your past that you hide? Is there a part of yourself that you suppress for fear of being judged or rejected?

I believe that Caitlyn Jenner opening up to the world about who she really is will create a clearing for other people to do the same. Transitioning genders is of course a major life change, but Caitlyn Jenner’s courage is about much more than gender identity. It’s about honoring your truth and stepping into who you really are.

With this is mind; is your life a reflection of who you really are? Or do you suppress parts of yourself to please others? Can you use the clearing and energetic shift that Caitlyn’s story has created to shine and fully express your authentic self?

Stepping into yourself and having compassion for who you really are can be reflected in the most basic things. For example, a lot of new moms will force themselves to breastfeed because they think it’s the right thing to do. We suppress ourselves when we forget to think about whether our decisions are what we really want, or if we make our decisions out of fear of what others will think if we don’t make a choice that they support.



The next thing I want you to think about is changing your behaviour so that you can be uninhibited and express yourself fully. Can you take some inspiration from this blog to help you have that difficult conversation with someone about something that you’ve been keeping in? Maybe you want to change jobs or leave that unhealthy relationship, but you’re nervous because you think people will judge you. A lot of us lead our lives in a certain way because we’re scared of what people will think. I hope Caitlyn Jenner’s story gives you the courage to be free and be you.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Pleasing you should think of soemthing like that

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