It’s time for a social media detox

Research has shown that the more time you spend on Facebook – browsing photos of an acquaintance’s recent trip, an old friend’s wedding or an ex-boyfriend’s new baby – the more likely you are to compare yourself to your Facebook friends.

The problem with comparing your life to how others’ lives appear is that you can end up feeling like your life doesn’t measure up. In addition, a recent study found that 70% of people admit to lying or embellishing the truth on Facebook!

I recently spoke to CTV news about how extended time on Facebook – specifically browsing photos – can create dissatisfaction in your own life, resulting in depressive thoughts.

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, notice how you feel when you’re on social media for an extended period of time. Do you feel like you’re spending your time admiring the lives of others, rather than spending that time enjoying your own life? Do you end up feeling bad about what you have and where you are in your life?

Any negative impact on your thoughts or mood indicate that you would benefit from a social media detox. So take a week off social media and see how you feel. After you’ve taken your one week off, try to use social media to actually engage with people as opposed to looking at their photos.

Start today by spending more time creating memories, and focusing on quality time with the positive people in your life that you love. Notice and enjoy what you do have. There is a lot to be grateful for, some days we just need to stop and look for it.

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