Don’t forget to celebrate

In life, we are always waiting for the bad to end. Whether the bad you want to end in your life is debt, being done school and exams, or moving out of a difficult environment, you are likely dealing with some adversity that you want to be over. If you’re going through something and constantly waiting for it to end, it’s so important to celebrate when you overcome it. But many of us forget that part.

In my practice, I witness that when adversity ends, many of us don’t celebrate what we’ve overcome. We just move on to overcoming the next thing that we want gone.


If you recently got through something that has brought stress and negativity into your life, I’d like you to take a moment to breathe deep and relish in the relief. Celebrate that you are now in a better place.

We’re always looking for more happiness, peace, love and financial success, and we rarely take the time to acknowledge what we already have. But if you ignore what you do have in search for more, more, more, you will never get there. You will likely never feel truly fulfilled and satisfied.

If this sounds like you, there is a great analogy I once heard that you might glean something from. There is a little boy who has one scoop of ice cream, but instead of enjoying his one scoop, he becomes upset that he doesn’t have two scoops. So he ignores his one scoop in the search for two. With his one scoop of ice cream dripping down his arm, he asks the universe for another scoop. The universe tells him that he won’t get a second scoop until he notices and enjoys the first.

In your life, what did you forget to celebrate and enjoy, like the little boy with one scoop of ice cream? What is your one scoop? Be grateful and celebrate it. Tell yourself now that you will celebrate the end of whatever you’re going through. If you have recently overcome something, maybe it’s not too late to celebrate now. Celebrating is going out and making it an event.

When you acknowledge how good it feels and all the relief that it brings, you will get your second scoop in life. So be grateful and celebrate – you deserve it! We only have one life after all.

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