Embrace change



For many of us, spring is a season that brings change. When we go through change there is usually some resistance at first because most of us like routine and predictability. We tend to feel secure when things stay the same. But life is always in flux and always changing, so the sooner we get used to change the easier life will flow.

It can be hard to make changes in your life when you’re set in a routine, so use the arrival of spring to get out of whatever funk you’re in!

Are there new things you want to incorporate into your daily routine? Are there things you want to release to make room for new habits and behaviours? With spring in the air, a new season brings new life, new beginnings and new opportunities. Use this season change as a catalyst to move you forward in your life.

Start small, and try these changes:

  • Take more time for yourself in the morning before you start your busy day. Be still, sip on tea and breathe deep. Go for a walk and notice the beauty around you.
  • Catch up with friends on your commute home or read positive quotes on your phone.
  • Eat your lunch outside when the weather starts getting warmer.
  • With more hours of daylight, enjoy nature when you get home. Breathe in more fresh air.


Make this spring and soon-to-be summer an unforgettable one. Start by doing things differently. As the days are getting longer, make the changes you want for yourself now. Starting to do things differently while things are already in transition will make change much easier.

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