You are not your friend

I know what it’s like to fall into the vicious cycle of negative thinking. There was one night when I couldn’t sleep and kept waking up throughout the night because my mind was racing with negative thoughts. I woke again 10 minutes before my alarm went off in the morning, and for those 10 minutes I listened to my negative thoughts. I felt my stomach tighten and my thoughts were racing as I envisioned the worst case scenarios.


Realizing how awful I felt as I let myself get carried away with these thoughts, I remembered that I was being my own worst enemy. So I changed my behaviour by pushing myself to get out of bed, and changed my environment by leaving home for a yoga class. I felt better almost right away.

I’m sharing this experience with you because a lot of people who experience worry, anxiety or depression tend to isolate themselves. The problem is that in their isolation, their thoughts are typically based in fear. This behaviour can become a vicious cycle, because when you feel anxious or depressed, you (more specifically, your thoughts) are not your friend.

A lot of my clients don’t get out of bed when they feel down.  As a result, buy xanax online cheap xanax no prescription their negative thoughts cause more worry. More worry causes more anxious thoughts, which leads to them feeling so overwhelmed that they call in sick to work.

If you hang out with yourself when you’re down, you will end up listening to the awfulness of your inner chatter. Even though you may want to be alone, the best thing to do is to surround yourself with positivity, whether you find it in a good book or a good person to uplift your mood.

When you are in moments of sadness, anxiousness or depression, don’t spend time with yourself. Change your behaviour by getting out of bed, and change your environment by leaving your home or spending time around a loved one. You will get clarity and perspective if you give yourself a break from the worse case scenarios you are picturing in your head.

We tend to lack self-compassion when we need it most. So the next time you are hanging out with yourself and feeling bad, remember that you are not always your own friend. When you feel down, do something else. Choose to hang out with someone who uplifts you.  By changing your behaviour and your environment, you will notice a change in your mood.

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