Are you emotionally bankrupt?

Feeling emotionally bankrupt usually happens when you are busy taking care of everyone else and repeatedly neglecting your own needs. You can become an angry giver, continuing to give but resentful and agitated as you do this.

So many of my clients deprive themselves of self-care, rest, and even taking vacation days. We often forget to have self-compassion when we’re so busy pushing and driving ourselves to produce at work, save money, take care of others, etc.

If you’re forcing yourself to grin and bear it rather than doing things that are self-nurturing, you’re likely feeling emotionally bankrupt.

Balance is this thing we hear a lot of, and we all want some of it. But balance doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. To nurture yourself and fill yourself up, you need to ask yourself what balance is for you. When you know what balance you need, ask yourself why you don’t give yourself that gift.

Start by giving yourself permission to treat yourself well and with respect. What is the one thing you can do this week that will help you rest, restore and find balance?

Maybe you go on that vacation down south you’ve been dreaming of, or treat yourself to a delicious meal. Start small. This way guilt won’t creep in and remind you of all the other things you could be doing.

When you give yourself what you need, you will likely notice your mood begin to shift. You will feel brighter and more fulfilled. You will learn that your ability to give and produce is actually fed by how well you take care of yourself and fulfill your needs first.

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