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The holidays are about giving, whether you’re giving time, love or gifts. In January, people typically feel depleted from giving, especially if they haven’t taken time for themselves during the busyness of the holidays.

Aside from financial strain after the holidays, this is why Blue Monday (January 19) is one of the most depressing days of the year. Adding the pressure of attaining new year’s resolutions can also make you feel depleted and bad about yourself if you don’t stick to them. One third of people make new year’s resolutions, and almost 75% break their resolutions by the end of the first week.

To make resolutions that will help you feel brighter rather than depleted, try these three tips:

Have compassion for yourself

What would your life look like, and how would it be different if you were more compassionate to yourself?

We tend to be our own worst enemy. A lot of us push ourselves to constantly do more and do better. We are our own worst critics. So make it your resolution to have more self-love and self-care.

Imagine what your life would look like if you were kinder to yourself. Would you put yourself to bed early? Would you treat yourself to relaxing right after dinner instead of taking the time to please everyone else?

Take a moment to think about what fills you up with happiness. Then commit to doing whatever fills you up more often and notice how your energy shifts when you treat yourself with kindness.

Put your life into perspective

We have a lot of “first world problems.” Most of us actually have the lives we want, but then say we feel we’re too busy. It’s almost like we are complaining that we have too much abundance. Others focus on what’s not going their way, rather than what’s going well.

There are people who would dream of the life you have, so begin 2015 with your life in perspective. To put your life in perspective, notice your blessings: maybe you’re socially capable to connect with people, you have a positive outlook on life, or you came from a good family. Remember the goodness in your life and how lucky you are to have it.

Self-compassion is being kind to yourself. Putting your life in perspective is telling yourself to wake up and enjoy what you do have.

Loosen your grip on life

We work so hard, put ourselves under a lot of stress and pressure to live a good life, and yet we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy it because we’re constantly focusing on not having enough time and feeling overwhelmed. We don’t allow ourselves to enjoy what we have because we’re constantly focusing on lack.

You can start to enjoy your life more if you loosen your grip on it. Surrender a little. Let go a little. Soften into your life. Give yourself full permission to enjoy all the goodness that surrounds you.



If we let go, we can receive enjoyment instead of being so wound up. Life could always be better, but this is what you have now, so you may as well enjoy it.


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