How to release stress

Stress comes from lack of trust that things will work out. If we genuinely trusted in our future, we would experience less anxiety and fear of what could go wrong. But simply having trust can be really hard to grasp and it often falls through our fingers. Here’s how you can release stress the next time a difficult situation arises.

Catch yourself in the moment

Some of my clients experience anticipatory anxiety that something bad will happen or that something that happened in the past will happen again. We experience anticipatory anxiety when the stressor isn’t actually happening, but we’re reacting as if it is.

When you’re having anticipatory anxiety, you experience the physiological symptoms of anxiety despite the fact that your environment is actually fine. You’re inside your head , for treat anxiety and muscle spasms purchase valium online , thinking about difficult situations in your past because you anticipate the same outcome this time.

This kind of anxiety robs you of your presence, enjoyment and ease in the moment. Remember that whatever you’re anticipating isn’t happening. It’s your fear that makes it feel that way.

Remember how you handled stress in the past

The subconscious mind reminds us of devastation and we respond as if the devastation is going to happen again. In addition to this fear, we often doubt ourselves. We minimize our ability to handle things despite how much we’ve overcome in the past.

Remember that you can handle whatever you’re going through. In any moment you can choose to handle it better.

Acknowledge your inner strength and the lessons you’ve learned

You’ve been through a lot. It’s hard to have trust in the universe and ourselves because of times when things haven’t worked out for us.

If you think about how you’ve grown and changed through everything you’ve been through, you will find there is some light that comes through when things don’t work out. Depending on what you’ve been through, it might take some deep soul-searching before you see the lessons learned. But the lessons are always there.

Remember how resilient you are. Have faith and trust in your own inner resources. Remind yourself of your strength by remembering past adversities you overcame.

Stress is going to happen. Life can be hard, but hold on to trust in yourself. The sun will rise tomorrow and with that comes new perspectives and possibilities.


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