3 things you can gain from your single days



As a psychotherapist, I have noticed that a lot of women hate being single. Single women often look for love, rather than enjoying their single days.

Being single is something that people typically complain to me about. But there are actually benefits of being single! Even if you’ve been single for a long time, there is a lot that can be gained from the dating scene.

Dating offers the courting period.

When you’re going on dates with new men, you’re being courted. This period only lasts until you get comfortable with someone and settle into a relationship. The courting period often brings new things you haven’t tried before. You might see museums, try oysters, or even travel to new places.

If you’re in the dating scene, enjoy the courting period. The heightened newness of being open to unfamiliar people and experiences sparks personal growth and self-awareness.

Dating helps you learn about yourself, relationships and men.

You can find out so much about yourself from the dating scene. Dating different men can help you realize the differences between various types of men, and what these differences mean to you. When you’re dating, you figure out what you like and what you don’t like. So take the trial and error that usually comes with dating as lessons to be learned about yourself, relationships and men. These lessons will help prepare you for someone special when they come along.

Dating pushes you outside your comfort zone.

We push ourselves outside of our comfort zone when we’re dating because we want to show that we’re open and interested. You would likely turn down an experience that scares you or seems uninteresting if it was offered by someone you’re comfortable with. But when a new suitor who you want to impress offers the same experience, you will likely push yourself and take up the offer.

When you push yourself outside your comfort zone, you welcome growth and newness in your life. At some point in the future, you will look back and be happy you had these experiences because they give you clarity on what you need in terms of love.



Remember that part of finding love – and being truly ready for it – is meeting people who aren’t right for you. So embrace your single days, because he is coming. And when he does come, you’ll be grateful for your weeks, months or years of dating where you learned so much about yourself.



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