Do you take the time to enjoy?

When was the last time you actually enjoyed your life?

We tend to live in the future or in the past, rather than in the present moment. We place boundaries on when we can enjoy life, often putting off enjoyment and choosing our to-do list instead.

I have clients who must wake up at a certain time on weekends because they feel they’re being lazy if they sleep in. Other clients won’t stay up late doing something they enjoy because they feel it will limit their productivity the next day. This is especially common in people who are high-achievers.

We are often hard on ourselves and don’t let loose for fear of the consequences. Our priorities typically reflect our concern about what other people think.

We tend to make rules to support a perfectionist ideal of who we think we should be, and what we think it takes to get there (strict daily regimes and schedules, etc.) We become more obsessed about our to-do list and less focused on actually enjoying life. We push and drive ourselves to the limit, only to feel guilty when we finally relax after a hard day’s work. We don’t take time to reap the benefits because we tell ourselves that we will relax and feel good…later.

If you feel you don’t make time to enjoy your life enough, I’d like you to try an exercise.

Imagine what you want your life to look like.

What does your dream life look like?

Why doesn’t your life look like that?

Are YOU limiting your enjoyment of life?

Enjoyment isn’t a priority for a lot of us, but if we made enjoyment a priority we would be brighter, buy xanax india happier, and even more productive.

We are here to enjoy our lives. Why not choose to live fully, right now?

What is one thing you can do today that will help you take in the moment and enjoy? Maybe take a break from your desk and go outside at lunch. Watch a comedy tonight, or drive to the water and walk on the boardwalk.

Rather than robbing yourself of having fun and bringing pleasure to your life, make enjoyment a priority. Remember: you create your own life, and you can prioritize in a way that you make time to enjoy the process. Even slowing down enough to deeply exhale, listen to the lyrics of the songs on the radio and actually taste the food you eat will make a big difference.

You might feel a little uneasy about leaving the dishes in the sink at the end of the night, or checking your email less often. But remember that the to-do list is never ending. And even though we tell ourselves that we need to do everything on the list, some of these tasks can wait for another day.

A big part of enjoyment is sharing with people and creating memories. You likely won’t look back on that day you completed your entire to-do list. What you will remember is the moments you shared with the special people in your life, and the times where you stopped
long enough to laugh and have fun. If we take more time to fully live and enjoy, we will become better friends, lovers and parents. So try to be more flexible, and make space in your busy schedule to love your life.

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