Clear out the old this spring

What do you want to create this spring? What do you want to let go of?

Spring is symbolic of new beginnings and letting go of the old. The snow and ice is melting away, the rain is encouraging growth and rebirth, and everything is starting to look more vibrant.

This time of year is a good time to do spring cleaning in your life. I’d like you to reflect on what you want to create this spring. You might want to improve your nutrition, break old habits, or create a deeper and more meaningful love life.

Often, we get stuck in habits that don’t help us grow or effectively cope with the stress of our busy lives. When we’re tired from pushing ourselves at the end of a busy day, it can be difficult to get off the couch and head to a yoga class or to dinner with a friend. But change is truly about breaking habits. If we want to create space for new habits, we have to break those that are bringing us down.

To break habits, I suggest that you take small steps at first. You can start your day with a multivitamin or B12 for energy. I discuss the benefits of taking a B12 supplement in my best-selling book 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally. I often tell my clients to play music in the morning, which can help improve mood and brighten your day. You can also get a small coffee rather than a medium to reduce your caffeine intake, and make plans in advance with your friends so that you’re more likely to be social when you’re off work.

This spring, reflect on what you want to let go of and what you want to create. Small things make small differences, so if you’d like bigger differences in your life you have to start with changing your thoughts.

Changing your thoughts can be challenging to do on your own, so I recommend that you see a therapist for help with this. The benefit of therapy is that you can press pause on your life to explore your patterns and fears. This helps you process your emotions and then heal them. It also helps you get to the bottom of why you keep ending up in the same situations, year after year.

You might commit to self-growth to learn why you do the things you do this spring. Or, you might start with a few small changes. By making these adjustments and releasing the stagnant and old, you make space for fresh new possibilities.



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