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Take a moment to bring some awareness back to your body. Pay attention to how your body feels in this moment. Notice your breath and how you are holding your body. Are you breathing deeply, or are your breaths shallow? Is there tension anywhere? Are you relaxed?



Take note of anything you’ve noticed in this time. Bringing awareness back to the body is something most of us forget to do in our busy, day-to-day lives.

In my practice, I notice that when clients walk into my office, they’re often not in their bodies. I will have them bring awareness back to their bodies with a deep relaxation technique. In this time, my clients will notice tension in their body when they weren’t aware of the tension before.

As a psychotherapist, I’ve observed that people tend to live in either the past or the future. Those who live in the past tend to be depressed. They will often focus on regrets and guilt, and they usually fixate on how things could have been different. Those who live in the future are often anxious. They may fear failure or getting hurt.

I tell my clients that they can cope with anxiety and depression if they shift their awareness so that they live in the present. If you bring awareness back to your body, you will bring awareness back to the present moment.

I ask you to try to shift your awareness to the present moment moving forward in your life. You can start by bringing awareness back to your body. Notice your feet on the floor, how your body feels and if you are clenching your jaw or shoulders.

Make this practice part of your life by designating a time when you can do this everyday. Every time you drive to work, you can check your breath to make sure you’re inhaling deeply. You can also try yoga and deep breathing before bed. I have three meditations that you can download to get started. There is one for visualization, deep breathing and muscle relaxation. You can listen to these on your lunch, before bed, or even in the morning before you start your busy day.



Being mindful and bringing awareness back to your body can help clear your mind of any negative thoughts about the past or future. It is only in the moments when you’re aware of the present and engaged in the moment that you live your fullest life.



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