Scrapping New Year’s Resolutions



New Year’s is a time when most people decide to make major changes by setting resolutions for the upcoming year. While one in three individuals will set a resolution, only eight per cent reach their goals. New Year’s resolutions rarely work and so, maybe we should forget about them.

I understand many of us still want to make some changes in the New Year – changes that are realistic and can last for the year. Unfortunately, the start of a new year can put pressure on turning a new leaf and cause people to make unrealistic promises to themselves.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work?

Many resolutions are abstract goals and not specific behaviours. Abstract goals are difficult to commit to and can become impossible for your brain to focus on. The holiday time is filled with socializing and overeating; it leaves you too exhausted to mentally prepare for a realistic resolution with a plan that helps you follow through.

Some of the resolutions that are often broken include promises to lose or gain weight, quit smoking, learn something new, eat healthier or become fit, save money or pay off a debt, spend more time with the family, reduce stress, volunteer more, drink less and travel to new places. Hear my discussion purchase alprazolam no rx with Breakfast Television Toronto, on why New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Work For You?

The main component to making a successful resolution is by developing a habit. If you’d like to quit smoking, turn it into a habit where you limit yourself to one smoke a day – a small change and a specific behaviour to commit to. The key is to make the goal a habit first, and most importantly, make it a manageable one and then stick to it. Take the time to plan the steps to achieve your goal.



Ask yourself: Am I ready to give up something from one part of my life to achieve my goals in another? For example, you may have to sacrifice an hour of sleep to go for a morning run or give up dinner with your family to get that promotion.

If you aren’t willing to sacrifice anything, then practice acceptance for what you have. Accept the way your life is right now, for the time being. Once you accept this, you will automatically feel less guilty and as a result, happier!

I wish you a Happy New Year filled with best wishes in all that you pursue.

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