The Fine Line Between Anxiety And Excitement



There’s a fine line between antagonizing anxiety and exhilarating excitement.

You may have heard of the following quote: “Excitement is anxiety without the breath.”

If you are anxious, it means you are alive. So if you take a deep breath, you’ll realize you may just be excited about “that thing” rather than anxious about it. Breathing will allow you to enjoy the experience that you’re headed toward.

Most of us get stuck in our heads when we are nervous, we forget to look around and experience the moment we’ve been waiting for before it’s already passed us by.

We tend to allow our nervousness to remove us from our lives. When we start to worry we leave the moment and transport to the future; a future, which we perceive as gloomy, which is why we are nervous. Sadly, there are so many times in our lives when we don’t enjoy our experiences because we are too busy worrying , for treat anxiety buy xanax online . Think of a wedding for example, people plan and stress all year long for the big day. I have witnessed so many people, on their special day of love and union, not enjoying it because they are preoccupied with everything being perfect. Stop and think about this, because of the worry and anxiety, they aren’t even present at their own wedding. The one thing that would have made the difference is for them to breathe. Taking a deep breath would have allowed them to become present to their excitement and feel exhilarated, rather than anxious.

When you stop and breathe, start to notice what is around you. Choose to become mindful. Mindfulness includes stopping and looking around and noticing what is happening around you.

Taking it in. Taking in life.

Notice the music playing in the background, the people, the colours, the scents and the beauty.



We can all do this in our daily life. Start making it a habit to be mindful of your current environment. You can start right now. Begin to notice what you are experiencing right now. Notice how you are carrying your body, your breath, the moment. Take it in like a sponge. As soon as we check in to this moment our anxiety usually dissipates.

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