It’s Time To Divorce Doubt

A lot of us doubt ourselves. We have a constant commentary in our heads saying, “I can’t do this,” “Everything’s going to fall apart,” “It’s not going to work out,” “If good things happen, it’ll end soon,” “If I don’t work hard, it won’t work out for me,” etc. I propose people divorce doubt – give up doubting.

What if you were to live in the flow of life rather than always trying to control



things and ultimately doubting your abilities and achievements? It reminds me of the analogy of drowning.

You’re in the ocean and there are waves coming in above your head. It’s freezing cold temperatures. What do you do? The average person would start swimming tirelessly. Experts say this can be the worst thing to do when drowning in choppy waters because you exhaust yourself and then the water gets the best of you. Does your work day ever feel like you are drowning? Do you try to push through by “swimming harder.” You’re working so hard and you’re so stressed because you doubt that you have what it takes to make it through.

Other people, when they are feeling overwhelmed, choose to do nothing because they don’t believe they are capable.. When you’re drowning the best thing you can do is to let go and have the waves carry you to shore. This requires trusting in the universe that you will be okay.

Life is going to happen regardless if you doubt yourself or not. We might as well divorce doubt. Believe in yourself and other people. Trust in yourself, the universe and your relationships. This relaxed sense of trust in the future will allow you to be happy, right now.



I’ve noticed that there are two types of doubters:

  1. Doubt that incapacities a person– These individuals become frozen with fear of failure or even fear of success.
  2. Doubt that makes a person go into overdrive—These individuals work extremely hard and never make time for enjoyment. They constantly stress and worry all the time because they doubt their abilities.  They believe that if they relax, they will lose everything.

Which one are you?

Think about what type of doubter you are. Realize that doubt is not your friend – it’ time for a divorce. Once you let go of this old friend your life will start to work for you rather than against you.


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