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Are You Afraid of Love?

As a psychotherapist I counsel many eligible woman in their late thirties, early forties. They want to have children. They are attractive and brilliant. But single. These women tell me that  they are single because they are afraid when they … Continue reading

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Admit Your Mistakes

Admitting our mistakes gives us a chance to be vulnerable. A professor that I know, who is a perfectionist, recently was sharing with me that the other day during a lecture a student asked her a question and she didn’t … Continue reading

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Stop And Enjoy The Positive This Thanksgiving

Research shows happy people are more grateful people. This is why I speak about it in my book 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally We often forget to be grateful during our busy lives, so here are two exercises that … Continue reading

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What Different Types Of Hand-Holding Can Reveal About Your Relationship

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Body language is most often subconscious. Hand-holding is part of our body language and can help you learn a lot about how your partner feels by focusing on the way that he or she holds your hand. There are some … Continue reading

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