Power Down to Power Up

During most of my life I’ve pushed myself to move forward, become successful, stay driven and achieve goals. I have recently taken up hot power yoga, which has completely transformed my life. During a class, the instructor said something that really stuck with me, “power down in order to power up.”

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This made me realize how we constantly push ourselves forward, and as a result the frantic energy we give off ends up repelling the more flowing calm energy around us.

I whole heartedly believe the universe wants to provide us with all that we dream, we just need to trust and allow for it to flow into our lives.

Slow down with things like yoga, taking breaks, meditating, taking time to listen to our bodies, reflect and spending time with nature. Pause to actually listen to people and be with them rather than thinking about what you have to do in the next five minutes. The negativity that often overcomes our days is based on fear and scarcity. We constantly rush to complete tasks rather than enjoying the tasks we do.

I often use this analogy with my clients: imagine swimming in a turbulent ocean and feeling like you’re drowning among the waves crashing into you, which is how most of us feel with our overloaded schedules. When we feel like we’re drowning, we react by swimming ruthlessly. Pushing. Driving. Instructors say when swimming in choppy water swimmers should let go and float, rather than try to fight the waves. Fighting the waves diazepam online store will only exhaust you until you are taken over by the enormous and powerful ocean. Try floating in your life. Let go and trust that the ocean will carry you to the shore. That all is meant to work out for you. That sometimes you not believing gets in the way of this. You are divinely protected.

When you stop pushing, you create space for miracles to occur. When you let go you can be in the flow of life. Power down to power up, take breaks, listen to yourself, trust in the universe and continue to focus on what you want. Work towards your goals but shift your energy around it, don’t be so competitive and impatient. What if you just believed it was coming and just trusted that something greater than you was out there, how does this make you feel?

“I who hold galaxies together can handle the little circumstances of your life.” – Course on Miracles

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For most people, it’s all about control. We’re constantly pushing and we don’t trust unless we are the ones figuring it out. Our lives are so complex and there’s so much going on but it doesn’t all have to be up to us. There’s a greater power out there that holds planets together across the sun and I’m sure that power can assist us with our daily lives. When you tap into this power, your life will start to flow with ease.

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