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Ladies, Make Up Your Mind!

What type of man do you want to share your life with? Are you looking for perfection? Are you looking for a Miracle Man? Some women tell me their new partner is amazing and passionate. The sex is incredible, he’s … Continue reading

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Is Arguing With Your Partner Healthy?

In my private practice, most couples I meet, particularly men, think arguing with their partner is bad. They think if you argue with your partner, both aren’t meant to be together and should break up. Some couples say it’s a … Continue reading

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Are You Suppressing Your Partner?

I have noticed, over the years as a psychotherapist, some of my clients start out with a partner and then try to change them. The truth is we try to change people, especially our partners. Think about whether you are … Continue reading

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Why Are Women Attracted To The Unavailable Man?

It is human nature for any woman to be attracted to a man who is too busy for them. Being busy and out in the world is a masculine quality, and most women are attracted to it. I’ve seen exceptional, … Continue reading

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