Dating After Hibernation

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With summer upon us, many women are tense about dating after hibernating in the winter months.

It’s a Canadian truth that our winters can be too cold to go out. Our patterns change during winter and we are more likely to stay at home, watch television and neglect manicuring our bodies. With patio season here, single people need to prepare themselves for a new dating season, both mentally and physically.

As a psychotherapist, I notice the boost in clients when they take care of themselves. A woman will only attract a man that takes care of her to the extent that she takes care of herself.

Taking care of our physical selves has two benefits:

  1. Gives us confidence
  2. Attracts a quality partner

Notice the friends who put themselves last, they attract partners who also put them last!

Summer is a new season, like a new year. If we want to do things differently, we have to start doing things with ourselves first and the rest will follow.

  • If we want the new season to be wildly romantic, we need to boost our confidence. Put on that summer dress, pedicure those toes! We need to do things that make us feel good.
  • After hibernation we need to do extreme things like taking a hot yoga class, getting highlights or a new wardrobe.

Boosting confidence through personal care can enhance the chances of finding a partner who will treat you well!

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