Do You Feed Your Soul?


Most of us are wrapped up in the fact that we are physical beings, we forget our spiritual side. We forget to take the time to engage in feeding our souls.

What is feeding your soul?

If you had a conversation with your soul what would it say?

Would it tell you to start saying no to others’ demands? Would it tell you to start forgiving? Would it tell you to take a vacation? To stop hating people? That it feels ignored? That it needs rest? Sleep? Nurturing?

I encourage you to grab a pen and have a conversation with your soul and see what comes up.

Feeding your soul is about spending time with your inner self. Most of us are afraid to slow down because we fear we will feel negative emotions such as sadness, anger, disappointment, anxiety, insecurity as soon as we pause. So we use being busy, sex, gambling, shopping and work to keep distracted from ourselves. All of these methods numb our body, mind and soul. We disconnect with our soul when we don’t pay attention to it.

Benefits of feeding your soul

Connecting with your spirit provides you with inner guidance and wisdom. It helps you cope with loneliness. It gives insight as to whether you’re okay and tells you what needs to be worked on. Often our emotions are unpleasant, like sadness or anxiety. We fill these voids with food or socializing.

© Madame Noire

But what if you’re actually lonely for yourself?

What you should do now?

  • Have a conversation with yourself.
  • Pen your thoughts.
  • Read: date yourself.

Spend at least 20 minutes every day alone. Start now by breathing and being present to your body and how you are feeling at this moment.

This is a beautiful journey that will provide rich fulfillment in your life with practice.

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