Why are superwomen lonely?

I was talking to my girlfriends one evening and we discussed a trend in strong single women.

I began to wonder if being a superwoman was actually getting in the way of meeting someone.

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Women who do it all, seem to have their lives together. We tend to present ourselves to the world as busy women who are able to accomplish what we need on our own. However, this becomes the very reason as to why, when we go through a break up or any stressful event, there’s no one to console us.

When a strong woman endures a struggle, her family, friends and coworkers are so used to seeing her strong and able to handle anything, so they tend to assume she is fine. No one reaches out to check in or to offer help.

So unfortunately, when we want to be vulnerable no one’s there cheap xanax 2mg because we never show them our vulnerable side. They believe that we don’t need them because of the strength that we are used to presenting.

Therefore ‘superwoman,’ while a cool persona, may be the reason why we end up feeling alone.

However, there are ways to allow people to see a softer side of us.

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  1. Be vulnerable. Open up. Let people in. Share with them that you are disappointed that no one reached out when you needed someone.
  2. Ask for help. Start reaching out and asking for help. It’s ok to need people.
  3. Let others know what your problems are even though you may have the solution to a problem.

Having problems and talking about them does not make you weak; it makes you more human and relatable. You will always be ‘super,’ now let others see the ‘human’ side of you.



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