Take in the Moment


I took a break to walk by the water the other day. It was really beautiful. I could hear the waves crashing on the rocks and the birds chirping. The sun was warm on my face. Even though I was in an amazing place, and made time to ground myself, I became caught up in my thoughts. I was unable to focus on where I was, in this perfect atmosphere. I was focusing on what I had to do that day, the things that I didn’t get done from yesterday, and my schedule for the next few weeks. Then I thought, what is the point of me taking this break, if my mind is not in the same place as my body? I might as well have been sitting at my desk being productive, instead of worrying about all of the things I wasn’t doing.

People do these nice things for themselves, like taking a spa day, enjoying a walk, having some down time, etc, but I wonder how often we fully allow ourselves to enjoy the break.

The first xanax online rx thing to do is to catch yourself. So while I was walking by the water, I realized where my focus was and forced a shift to the present. I started to feel the ground beneath my feet, and noticed the sensation of the air on my skin. I took an inventory of all of my senses and how my environment was affecting them. My mind started to wander again, but I caught it and I brought it back to my breath and the present.

Where does your mind live? In the future? In the past? Set the intention to be mindful in the moment.

The point is that it doesn’t matter what you do for yourself, because it won’t matter if you are not fully engaged in the moment, with both your body and your mind. Slow the mind down to let the experience in. Breathe it in. Feel the sensation of the moment and your environment. It is your mind that creates happiness, and you can choose if you control your focus.

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