Would You Date Yourself?

Often, when we are looking for love, we make lists of the qualities we want in a partner. We are clear on the things we don’t want in a relationship. We are actively looking for the perfect partner physically, occupationally, etc. When we meet a potential partner, we sometimes rely on our checklist to determine if the person is a good fit.

Turn the tables, and look at yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you meet your own criteria? Would the person you want, want you?

Review the reasons that your past relationships ended. What would your exes say about you?


How patient are you?

How understanding are you?

How accepting are you?

How flexible are you?

These are foundational qualities to have, so that you will be open to the person who is perfect for you, when they arrive. These are also the qualities you should be looking for in others.

Take some time, this Valentine’s Day, to be with yourself, and examine your own traits. Notice great things about yourself, and catch the thoughts and behaviours you have that maybe are not so nice. If you are struggling to find a partner, ask your friends to be honest with you and tell you any concerns they might have. Sometimes it takes a fresh look at an issue to find a solution.

So if you are single today, on Valentine’s Day, and want to find love, think about it! Would you date yourself?

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