Teamwork in Relationships

A relationship is always great in the honeymoon phase, when you are getting to know each other, your hormones are surging, and you approach your life together as a team. However, as time goes by in a relationship, the teamwork begins to fall apart, as certain tasks and responsibilities become divided. You may feel like roommates, leading separate lives with different interests and goals.
In my practice, I often assign teamwork to my couples to build a sense of partnership and to strengthen their bond. So, if you are feeling as though you and your partner aren’t on the same page and lack communication skills, try doing an extracurricular activity together once a week, where you have to act as a team. Try a dance class or team sport, any activity where you support each other. Don’t play against each other!

After feeling supported in whatever activity you choose, this sense of teamwork will infiltrate into your relationship. This also adds an element of fun in your life, which can so often disappear when life gets in the way.

Life is easier when you have someone on your side, so choose to be on your partner’s team, and you will see results in your relationship.

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  1. Karwan says:

    I especially aierpcpate point 3: A lack of commitment to the team and its purpose is the leading problem facing most teams. So often I’ve been on teams where the culprit of the collapse of the team or the task is labeled as lack of outside support, lack of funding, lack of logistical connections, etc. rather than a lack of commitment on the part of the team members. If a group is seriously passionate about the purpose of a team, and members are able to work together and trust the others, there’s not much on earth that they could not accomplish.

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