Self-Parenting Therapy

Self-parenting therapy is a specific technique that deals with attachment wounds. As we are growing up, we are developing. In each stage, we have needs to be met. The degree to which developmental needs were not adequately met is the degree to which a client may be stuck in childhood. This type of therapy assumes that part of your emotional development became stunted when a need was not met.

There are a few technical terms for Self-Parenting therapy, including PNRT (Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy) and another called DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Protocol). The larger paradigm is called Ego State Therapy. Our Ego (the mind) has different states. For example, there is a part of you that is health-focused and committed to healthy eating, and another part of you that wants to eat a piece of chocolate cake. There are many parts of us that exist; some are nurturing, empowering, motivated, and some are negative, discouraging, and fearful. Many of these ego states exist because of our past. We may internalize our parents’ critical voices, and then that ego state becomes our own critical voice.

You may have childhood wounds, and not even know it. It becomes easier to understand your past wounds when you examine your current behaviour. For example, do you crave attention? Are you demanding toward those who are close to you? For example, if you were neglected at a young age, you had a need that was not met. You may live your life expecting people to leave and not take care of you. This therapeutic technique works by returning to that phase and healing the wounded parts of yourself. The healing takes place because each person has a healthy, positive part of the self that can act as a sort of nurturing, restorative presence. The healing part of you fills the voids you have from your childhood development.

I encourage you to think about the things that trigger you in relationships. Do you become upset when someone is critical of you? Think about how your triggers may relate to your childhood. Is an issue you are facing now similar to something you experienced with your parents when you were a child? Try to recall the first time you felt this feeling.

If you notice your childhood behavioural patterns getting in the way of your life, I urge you to seek counselling with a therapist, who can help to resolve some of these persistent issues. In my practice, I use the Ego State Therapy, PNRT. When you work with me in a session, we target your core beliefs and negative states. We heal the wounds through a series of techniques, so that you will no longer sabotage yourself in life, love and work. Contact my office at 416 619 0442 for a consultation.

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