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The First Year: Stages in New Relationships

A new relationship usually follows four main stages, comparable to the seasons in a year. If you follow the phases with the right person, you will be able to achieve a healthy, committed relationship. Many people give up as soon … Continue reading

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The 3 C’s of a Healthy, Lasting Relationship

People are always searching for the definition of love. How do you know if you have the right person? What should you be looking for in the dating world? Are you with “The One?” It all comes down to a … Continue reading

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Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome

For parents, this can be a tough time of year, especially if their children have moved out of the family home to attend school or to begin working. It is common for parents to display signs of Empty Nest Syndrome. … Continue reading

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Understanding the Brain and Your Relationship

Did you know that the first 8 weeks after conception, an embryo’s brain is always female? After 8 weeks, the embryo either continues to develop as a female, or there may be a huge testosterone surge to become male. If … Continue reading

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