4 Ways To Amp Up Your Sexy

It’s easy to get stuck in the same patterns and behaviours. This creates boredom, fatigue, and your days and weeks start to blend together.  I suggest mixing it up, not only to add some excitement to your life, but to feel sexy again! It is often our daily routines that get in the way of a healthy sex life, and prevent us from taking care of and nurturing ourselves. Here are 4 ways to focus on YOU and ignite your sexy!

Sexy Exercise

Try Zumba, pole dancing, belly dancing, or any activity that gets your body moving in a sensual way. These movements stimulate the Kundalini Chakra, which is a point at the base of the spine that stores primal life energy. When the energy is released, it moves upward to cleanse and heal your body. It gets your sexual energy flowing. You will feel sexy and feminine, so start moving those hips!

Sexy Secrets

Wear a sexy bra and underwear set, even if no one is going to see it. You will know that under your clothing, you are wearing something that makes you feel confident, sexy and beautiful. Treat yourself to high quality fabrics, in your favourite colours. This is about how you feel in your body, and not about how someone else sees you.

Sexy Care

Take care of and beautify yourself, if this is something that makes you feel good. Love yourself on the inside, but let it show on the outside. Use your favourite scented lotion, style your hair, wear a great outfit, and do things for yourself that make you feel confident and beautiful. Just like you would take care of a luxury car, nourish and beautify that feminine body of yours!

Sexy Pleasure

If you don’t want to make love with yourself, who will? Practice self-pleasure on a regular basis. Yup, I said it. Having orgasms releases many mood-boosting chemicals in the brain, as well as releasing anti-aging hormones. If you know your own desires and needs, you will be better able to communicate them to your partner, and in turn, have a more satisfying sex life.

Sexiness is often mistaken for the right stilettos, cleavage, and certain body types. However, sexiness is really just confidence. When you are taking care of yourself, and feeling good about the person you are, you emit positive, sensual and magnetic energy to others. So become sexy for yourself first, and this new, refreshingly powerful energy will magnetically pull things to you that you desire.

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