Mental Tips and Tricks on How to Extend Your Summer

Life goes by so fast, and the summer is almost gone. Have you enjoyed your summer at all? Have you gone out to experience the sunshine or the water? Follow my tips to squeeze the last drops out of summer, before it’s too late.

  • To slow life down, the first thing you should do is shake up your routine. You work the same hours, run the same errands, and see the same people. You are on autopilot. The day feels longer if you do something different, or memorable. Simple changes, like taking a different route to work, getting your lunch from a new place, meeting up with a friend at a restaurant to try a new cuisine, can all help to wake you up from your routine.
  • Create an experience. Do something you have never done before. We have heightened emotional experiences when we do something out of the ordinary, something that is memorable. Take a boat ride, try rock climbing, visit a new beach or park, or take a few days off to go camping. Experience purchase xanax alprazolam something that will make you feel happy in the short term, and you will remember it for years to come.
  • Call a friend or family member to make a plan right now. You are more likely to do something if someone else is holding you accountable. Make a plan to enjoy the outdoors, even if it is just a walk outside in the city. There are so many great festivals in the city throughout the summer. Or you can make a trip to a lake, cottage, local park, or even a great backyard to enjoy the sunshine.

People who spend time outdoors experience benefits to both their physical and mental health. Vitamin D from the sun helps to boost your mood. The smell of flowers and plants acts as natural aromatherapy. Being outside usually involves some form of exercise, even if it is just strolling through a park, and exercise helps to keep you healthy.  Try my tips to extend your summer, making the most out of these last few weeks!

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