Let Go… and Cry!

Many people have a difficult time crying. A lot of my clients fear that if they start crying, they won’t be able to stop. Instead of crying, they bottle up their emotions, with no outlet.

Crying accompanies many emotions; anger, nervousness, happiness, and sadness. It is a physical release and healing of an emotional problem. The body wants to have a release, but we hold back in front of others. Crying can sometimes be seen as a weakness, or a sign of a lack of control. Yet, we shouldn’t have to fight the urge to cry. It should be as socially acceptable as laughing or smiling. It is simply another way that the human body expresses emotion.

When we feel anxious or stressed, we often experience tenseness in our chest, and knots in our throat or stomach. This bodily tension can often be released when we allow ourselves to let go and cry. I encourage you to cry on a weekly basis.  I know it seems like a lot! But it will help you sleep and help you release tension and pain from your body. Have faith that you will stop crying when you are finished releasing the emotion. Your first cry might be longer, as you have kept your emotions inside for so long. With practice, brief bouts of crying will make you feel better almost instantly.

Some people don’t even know how to start crying, here is how to have a good cry:

When you are alone, perhaps before bed, I want you to practice breathing deeply. Focus your breathing toward your heart. Breathe in and out from the heart. Relax, and let the stress, frustration, and any other emotions you are feeling, flood out of you in the form of tears. Imagine that as you cry, these emotions are released from your body, and that you are free of them.

Try it tonight if you can. You will notice a relief right away. Be patient, if you have difficulty being emotional it may take some time for you to let go. Just try your best to quiet your thoughts by breathing and relaxing your body, focus on your heart and let it come!

Crying is healthy and it’s needed. You will notice if you cry you will be less angry and less anxious in the days following. What a wonderful ability we have!








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