Fear and Resiliency

We all have emotional baggage. Trauma, childhood wounds, teenage angst and sadness, all leave you with deep-rooted core beliefs, that you may not be aware of. These beliefs can hold you back, and give you a sense of underlying fear that something bad will happen to you. You have success, happiness, love, and partnership, but fear that they may be taken away from you. You may not trust your own abilities, and hide your constant sense of unease from those around you.

Today, I want you to trust in yourself. Tell yourself that you have a new way of thinking. Know that you will be able to handle whatever comes. Focus on your resiliency. What have you survived? What have you accomplished? We all have fears, but if you trust that you will get through it, your fear will reduce.

Try this new mantra:

I trust in my ability, my resiliency, my competency, and know that I support those I love, just as they support me.

Say this to yourself every morning. This can be the beginning of changing that negative inner chatter.

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