Father’s Day and The 5 Love Languages

In a previous post, I discussed the 5 Love Languages, and how to communicate your love for your partner, in the way that they want to receive it. However, the love languages can apply to many close relationships. For Father’s Day, think about how you can show your father that you love him, in a way that will resonate with him. Think about your dad, and the way he expresses his love for you. There’s a good chance that the way he shows love is the way he wants to receive it. Review the 5 love languages below, and express your love on Father’s Day in a meaningful way.

Acts of Service

Perhaps your father needs someone to take him to an appointment, or to help in the garden. This Father’s Day, you can show your father you care by taking action, and helping him with something.

Physical Touch

Give your dad a big hug when you see him, even if it’s not in your usual routine. Father’s Day is about the emotional connection between father and child, which can be expressed through the physical action of a hug.


Show you really know your father by selecting the perfect alprazolam gift for him. Don’t just get him a gift card or a coffee mug, but take the time to think about his interests and hobbies, and chose a gift that tells him you care.

Words of Affirmation

Have you ever actually thanked your father, sincerely, for helping you become the person you are today? Maybe you have never thought of your dad as a sentimental person, but on Father’s Day, it is the perfect time to thank your father, and express how you feel about him.

Quality Time

If you can’t find the perfect gift, and don’t know how to express your feelings toward your father, simply spending time together on Father’s Day is the best way to show that you care. When we grow up and move out of our family home, there is often a sense that we have also moved on from needing our parents. We become busy and forget to call, and can’t always make it to all of the important events and holidays. Take time out of your schedule and hectic life to spend time with your father. It will show that you are making him, and your relationship, a priority.



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