This Too Shall Pass

Our mood is an ever-changing entity. It will continue to change throughout our lifetime, based on a variety of factors. When you are depressed, you can often feel as if you are in a dark tunnel, with no light at the end. You feel as though you are stuck with this sadness, and your mood will never improve. Many people try to cope with their depression by doing something to make them feel good in the short term, something that numbs their pain and sadness in the moment, such as alcohol, drugs, shopping, or harming themselves by cutting, or purging. A depressed individual develops a coping mechanism, and it acts as a crutch. They begin to rely on this action to release or distract themselves from their pent up emotions.

If you are relying on coping mechanisms, you keep yourself in darkness. Each new day is spent cleaning up the mistakes of yesterday, and it becomes nearly impossible to move forward.

However, moods are cyclical, and although it’s difficult to be patient and hold onto the hope that things will change, your situation will get better, and your mood will change. It’s like weathering a storm. Keep in mind: This too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day, and each day is a chance for things to change. You can get help from a psychotherapist, or other resources, to help you cope in healthier ways, and to improve your mood over time. If you feel hopeless, and   trapped in the darkness of depression, seek help to find the light…


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